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Common Service Centre Bengaluru

Common Service Centre Scheme is one of the programs of the Government of India under the Digital India Program. It is a wide network that caters to PAN India. CSCs are the service delivery points enabled with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for the delivery of various public and private services to rural citizens of India.

Common Service Centre Bengaluru Objective of CSC

Common Service Centre Scheme was launched with various objectives. The main objective of CSC is to achieve a rapid social and economic change in rural India by integrating the two goals of profit-making and social service. Check the official objectives of CSC below-

  • To provide access to information to all remote and rural citizens of India.
  • To provide access to quality education and skill development to Indian citizens (majorly rural population).
  • To provide efficient delivery of public services that mainly G2C (Government to Citizen) & B2C (Business to Citizen).
  • To provide cost-efficient & quality healthcare services to citizens.
  • To promote rural empowerment, collective action for the empowerment of society and to enable community participation.

Common Service Centre Bengaluru CSC Services

CSC provides a number of services. Below, we have shared a brief note on all the services that a CSC provides to the citizens across the country-

  • Government to Citizen Services (G2C)

To deliver Government to Citizen services is the key mandate of CSC. The government keeps launching various services for its citizens through its various Departments and Ministries. CSCs are the entities that serve to deliver these government services to remote areas and rural citizens through their network.

Some of the G2C services that are delivered through the network of CSCs are Bharat BillPay, PAN card, Passport, FASTag through CSCs, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, FSSAI, Swatch Bharat Mission, Soil Health Card, Election Commission Services, e-District, etc.

  • Business to Citizen Services (B2C)

These are the services which are mainly provided by private businesses to the citizens. CSC helps to deliver these services to rural citizens through Digital Seva Portal. B2C services include Mobile Bill payments, Mobile recharge, DTH recharge, etc.

  • Financial Inclusion

The service of financial inclusion is aimed to create awareness among the rural citizens about digital transactions, digital financial services and to encourage them to make cashless transactions.

The major financial services that are delivered through CSCs include VLE Bazaar (a rural e-commerce venture), GST Suvidha Provider, skill development, Banking services, insurance services, Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY), Pension service, etc.  

  • Agriculture

CSCs also delivers various government services related to agriculture.

  • Education

Through the CSC platform, the government also provides various schemes related the education and educate rural students. CSC provides education and certificates courses under the digital literacy mission. Some of the education services provided through the CSC platform include NDLM-DISHA, NABARD Financial Literacy Programme, Legal Literacy Programme, Cyber Gram Yojana, Tally Kaushal Praman Patra, GST, and various other programs.

  • Health services

Along with educational and agricultural services, CSCs also deliver a number of health serviced to rural citizens. Some of the health services are Telehealth consultations, Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi and a number of Diagnostics services such as 3Nethra Kits, Hello Health Kits, Thyrocare, JIVA Ayurveda scheme, health home, etc.

  • Digitize India Platform

It is the platform of digitizing all the physical records and data and reduce the piles of files and paper in the offices.

  • DigiPay

DigiPay is an aadhaar enabled payment service of Government that is delivered through CSC in rural areas. DigiPay facilitates payment from government schemes such as NREGA, Handicapped, Social Security pension, old age pension of any state or government entity by using an Aadhaar card.

  • eSign

It is basically an online electronic signature service. Through this users can digitally sign a file or a document. It is very handy when official and important documents like agreement, contracts are to be sent online.

CSC- Project Components

The primary project requirements/components of CSC include-

  • Connectivity
  • Technology
  • Content & Services
  • Business Model and Capacity Building

CSC How its works?

CSC is a Special Purpose Vehicle (CSC SPV) that connects local and rural people with Government departments, Private and government institutions such as banks, insurance companies and other service providers/ companies in the private sector by using information and communication technology at citizen service points.

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